About Geno Scala

Geno Scala serves as the owner and operator of The Script Mentor where he and a team of experienced staff offer practical advice to aspiring screenwriters. He has more than two decades of experience in the Hollywood community in a variety of capacities including serving as the executive director for multiple award shows such as The Academy Awards, Grammys, and even the Soul Train Awards. Geno is also the founder and CEO of Shark-Eating Man Productions.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 8.20.44 PMGeno Scala always had a knack for writing, but he did not start experimenting with creative writing until later in his career. His first script, which took him six weeks to complete, featured a character called “Junior Simple”- a village idiot who accidentally became a millionaire overnight. He continued to develop as a writer, and he quickly found success with his third script. This script won the international screenwriting contest, helping him establish a presence and contacts in the entertainment industry.

He found more success as a screenwriter later on with his script, “Banking on Betty”  which brought home numerous awards including, The Script Pipeline Competition, The StoryPros Screenwriting Competition, and finished as a semi-finalist in the Bankable Scripts, Screenplay Festival and Screenwriting Goldmine.

Geno Scala is also credited as a writer for “Hell Hath No Fury” (2012),  “Royal Flush” (2013),  “Secret Agent Bob” (with Rick Brady, 2013), and “Taking Credit” (with Brent Jones, 2014), as well as many other works.

The Script Mentor puts novice screenwriters in contact with a veteran team of writers that helps advise their clients on writing techniques and how to best navigate through this often  treacherous industry. The Script Mentor offers one-month, three-month, and twelve-month packages. Additionally, it is the only screenwriting mentoring service that offers a full-money back guarantee.

Geno Scala has residences in New York, NY, Huntsville, AL, and Los Angeles, CA. Outside of work, he enjoys birding with his lovely wife, watching his talented children participate in high-level sports, hiking and working out. Prior to his career in the entertainment industry, he served as an officer for the Phoenix Police Department, a private investigator, and a Branch Manager for Wackenhut Security and Investigations. Geno Scala was born in Staten Island, New York and studied Social Psychology at the University of North Georgia.